A selection of articles, essays, profiles and memoirs.

International Affairs

A Saint for Lost Souls: Death Cult of the Drug Lords? (Foreign Policy)

The Most Hated Name in News: Can Al-Jazeera English Save Journalism? (The Walrus)
Appearing in abridged forms in Utne and Reader’s Digest

Broadcaster of the Year: Al Jazeera (Adbusters)

A Press Row in Qatar (The Economist)

Exodus: Where Will Iraq Go Next? (Harper’s)

Iran’s Quiet Revolution (The Walrus)

It Will All Fall Down: A Conversation With Seymour Hersh (Adbusters)

Into the Lair of the White Bear (Canadian Geographic)

Dubai: Magic Kingdom or Glass House (The Walrus)

Nukes and Double Standards (Asia Times)

Waiting for an Iranian Chernobyl (New Scientist)

Women of Iran (Ms.)
[Unbeknownst to me, this article was given the title of another of my pieces]

What to Read on the Mideast (Alternet)
Recommended reading list, an Alternet top 10 article of the year

Global Nanny (The Tyee)

Post-Autistic Economics (Adbusters)

A Historic Intervention (The Walrus)

Cuba Over the Wall (Vancouver magazine)

Arts & Culture

The Reclamation Artist: Jayce Salloum Gives Voice to the Lost and Forgotten (Canadian Art)

War Artist: Althea Thauberger in Afghanistan (Canadian Art)

Can Journalism Be Art?

The Antiquarian (Utne)

The Outlaw (Canadian Art)

The Death and Life of Painting: Notes From the Photoconceptual Backlash (Canadian Art)

Alpha Girl (Canadian Art)

Bastard Offspring of the Photoconceptualists (Canadian Art)

The Robson Tribe (Vancouver magazine)


Sunflowers, St. Petersburg (CBC)

I Shall Not Want (Geist)