A selection of articles, essays, profiles and memoirs.

International Affairs

Feeding Our Inner Troll: What happens when we surrender our will to social media (Literary Review of Canada)

This Unlikely War Hero Freed Women from ISIS (New York Times Book Review)

Who is Hurt by Trump’s New Refugee Quota? (The Guardian)

A Saint for Lost Souls: Death Cult of the Drug Lords? (Foreign Policy)

The Most Hated Name in News: Can Al-Jazeera English Save Journalism? (The Walrus)
Appearing in abridged forms in Utne and Reader’s Digest

Broadcaster of the Year: Al Jazeera (Adbusters)

A Press Row in Qatar (The Economist)

Exodus: Where Will Iraq Go Next? (Harper’s)

Iran’s Quiet Revolution (The Walrus)

It Will All Fall Down: A Conversation With Seymour Hersh (Adbusters)

Into the Lair of the White Bear (Canadian Geographic)

Dubai: Magic Kingdom or Glass House (The Walrus)

Nukes and Double Standards (Asia Times)

Waiting for an Iranian Chernobyl (New Scientist)

Global Nanny (The Tyee)

Post-Autistic Economics (Adbusters)

A Historic Intervention (The Walrus)

Arts & Culture

War Artist: Althea Thauberger in Afghanistan (Canadian Art)

Can Journalism Be Art?

The Antiquarian (Utne)

The Death and Life of Painting: Notes From the Photoconceptual Backlash (Canadian Art)

Alpha Girl (Canadian Art)

The Robson Tribe (Vancouver magazine)


Sunflowers, St. Petersburg (CBC)

I Shall Not Want (Geist)